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Published on Sunday, 27 October 2013 18:47
Written by Jan Geletič
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Department of Geography, Faculty of Science, Palacky University in Olomouc and Główny Instytut Górnictwa Katowice are project partners CZ.3.22/2.3.00/12.03373 : Cooperation schools and public institutions in the Czech - Polish border in the area of higher education for employability ( Współpraca Między Szkół and instytucjami publicznymi to granic Czeska - polskiej w zakresie Edukacji it Wieksza szanse the marketplace work) , which is implemented under the Operational Programme of Cross Border cooperation Czech Republic - Poland 2007-2013 (Objective 3 / Cel 3 ) .

This project is just starting up and will be implemented in April 2015. The project has several basic objectives and will be implemented at several levels.

The project will focus on research into the development of spatial differentiation of selected socio-economic problems of the region , particularly in relation to the labor market . The results will be introduced to students, specialists and general public through conferences , workshops and seminars. They will promote mutual encounters Czech and Polish students of higher secondary classes , which form an attractive acquainted with the current labor market problems in the region.

We would like to contribute to the attenuation barrier effect of national boundaries and helped to develop functional multi-level relationships in the region. The project results will be available on its website ( and also on social networks ), the innovation and development of new courses in universities, a joint field exercise and education project implemented in secondary schools. It will be a series of meetings with experts on issues of cross-border labor market. On the basis of analytical material arises , the general section will be applied to the whole section of Czech -Polish border.

We would be very happy to model in the districts Jesenik , Bruntál of districts and Nysa and Prudnik would create a network of secondary schools and universities , public institutions (regional labor offices) , government bodies (municipalities , associations of municipalities) and non-profit organizations, public institutions ( municipal associations , development agencies , museums, etc. ) . It will be gradually implemented several meetings of experts ( people interested in the problems of border regions, representatives of the above mentioned institutions from both sides of the border ) .